We specialize in eCommerce and Website Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and Zencart.


Zoom Website Design started building eCommerce and CMS systems over 12 years ago when few options existed and every build was custom. We own and operate several eCommerce and CMS systems and found a lack of support for our needs. Specifically we discovered that many designers do not understand the urgent needs of business.


When we looked for solutions to our real-world problems from designers and coders we had a terrible time finding quality solutions. Many companies focus on volume of sales and simply lack sensitivity to the special demands of eCommerce and CMS. The flow and function of your platform can make or break your business, impact revenues and downtime is death.


Our clients tell us not much has changed at design firms. There is a dearth of timely support and operational understanding in the design field today.


At Zoom Website Design our experience allows us to offer something few other companies do. Experience doing, tracking and learning... not just designing. Fancy graphics and slideshows and embedded videos are great. We can do that! But they, generally, do not make you money. Nor do they convey your message FAST.


We will take the broader look at how to help you maximize your return. At Zoom Website Design we feel our deeper understanding of the needs and demands of eCommerce and CMS sets us apart from a basic site building company. The message flow and function of eCommerce or CMS systems can make or break an online business. Poor site flow kills sales and downtime is death.


Our CMS standard features list below is extensive and excessive for most business needs. You are unlikely to need more. But if you do we can do that too.

eCommerce is not as easy to define and is really determined by a clients need. What we do have is operational experience and we can guide you on which techniques work and what standard functions we use.


CMS Website Build & Design Package Details;

  • 10 Pages of your desired content

  • Search Engine Optimization Built In

  • Hosting included*

  • 5 Email accounts associated with domain

  • High-quality smart design with appropriate photos and effects used

  • Eye-catching custom designed website concepts

  • Custom header image creation

  • Draft design available in 7-10 business days

  • Unlimited revisions of selected design prior to launch

  • Content insertion & formatting for chosen design

  • Great, fast loading, modern design

  • Private, in progress viewing during design and development

  • Site map for google and others  and to help visitors find what they are looking for

  • User friendly/Search engine friendly navigation menu

  • Email/information request forms to allow visitor feedback and inquiries

  • Submission to Google, Yahoo, and Bing

  • Free minor changes for two weeks following launch of new site

  • Ongoing 24/7/365 uptime and support for questions and issues

  • Custom Web Site Graphic Set.

  • Client can provide unlimited graphics for digitizing, including their company logo.

  • Client provides all wanted and needed text, which is then formatted and digitized for web use or optional content creation services.

  • Routine website software and security updates included

We pride ourselves on delivery and approach-ability. We provide an enhanced experience and as we learn about your business needs we will tailor your online experience based on your specific set of goals to maximize your results.


*Our websites can be hosted by Zoom Website Design as part of your core purchase or we can create one using various methods to allow a launch on any offsite server.

Every clients application is unique and we can work with you on your vision. Please feel free to contact us HERE